Wonderland Novels – Air Awakens Review

I seriously think I have an unhealthy obsession with Gifs… Whenever I see them I just end up squealing and I spend hours trying to find the “perfect gif” for any particular situation. Therefore it should be absolutely no surprise that I freak out when Air Awakens reviews come complete with gifs! This Wonderland Novels review has both Avatar the Last Airbender and Loki gifs… Though I’m way more excited about the later.

Why the Loki gifs you ask? Well, because as Raisa says…

…my favorite character is Prince Aldrik! He’s absolutely perfect. I read far too many books where the main female protagonist falls for the muscular toned pretty boy (with constant descriptions of their attractive physical features). But I’ve grown from that, and no longer want to hear about the male protagonist’s abs. Prince Aldrik is complex, and Vhalla doesn’t easily fall for him/trust him. In his strange way, he shows he cares for her.

“Muscular toned pretty boy” is definitely something Aldrik is not! Aldrik is tall and lean and well, looks kinda like this:

Get even more gifs by reading the full review at Wonderland Novels

Also, if you want to get your hands on a copy of Air Awakens preorder it HERE, it’s out August 27th!

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