Water’s Wrath Fan Giveaway: #WWFanGiveaway

WW Fan giveawayAs most of you who follow me know, I just finished mailing Water’s Wrath ARCs to almost seventy early reviewers. But, I just so happen to have one paperback ARC left and I thought there was nothing better to do than give it away to one fan of the series!

Here’s the details on how to win the ARC (and other swag)…

Entry Deadline: March 24th (Two weeks from now)

How to Enter: This is a *fan* contest, so entries should be related to the Air Awakens *fandom*. This can be any number of things, here are some ideas:

  • Short fanfiction on Tumblr or your blog
  • Fan art
  • Fan photo featuring the book and/or things that make you think of Air Awakens
  • Photo of your favorite chapter
  • Make a fan quiz
  • Fan cover for book five
  • Fan edit of other photos
  • … whatever else you can think of – be creative!

Post your entry (or a link to your entry) on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram with the hashtag: #WWFanGiveaway

You are welcome to cross-post, but each individual fan creation will count as only one entry.

Can you have multiple entries? Yes, you can. But they have to be different and unique. For example, taking the same photo of the same things that make you think of Air Awakens slightly rearranged won’t help your chances. Taking a photo of things that make you think of Air Awakens and posting a quote image would count as two entries.

How will the winners be chosen? I will pick my favorite 6 entries. Then, other readers will get to vote for the grand prize winner of those 6. The winner will be decided and contacted by March 31st.

One more time, what will the winner get? The overall winner will get a signed paperback ARC of Water’s Wrath… and maybe some other things thrown in. You know how I like to give away swag 😉

The other 5 that were chosen by me will receive an eBook preorder or a small swag pack (signed bookmark set and bookplate).

Good luck all!

Have any questions? Ask them below!

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