Water’s Wrath ARC Requests Now Open

After not having Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) for Earth’s End, I know many people are clamoring at the possibility of getting an early copy of Water’s Wrath. Well, the time has come! With Water’s Wrath coming out in just under two months it’s already time to begin moving on the ARCs. But, first, here’s a bit of an FAQ about them where I break it all down…

Why do authors/publishers send ARCs?

Let’s start here… The idea behind an ARC is to get a nearly final (uncorrected proof) copy of the manuscript into the hands of reviewers in the industry/bookish community to read and give initial thoughts on. Requesting an ARC is a big responsibility. It is a commitment saying that in exchange for being given a free copy of a book you will give your honest thoughts on the manuscript in the requested time-frame. Sure, things come up, life happens! But, it’s important to, as much as possible, assess if you will have the time to properly read and review the book in the time frame before requesting an ARC.

When do Water’s Wrath ARC reviews need to be posted?

I will be asking reviewers to begin posting reviews 2-4 weeks before the release of Water’s Wrath. More specific information and resources will be sent to selected reviewers.

What if I get an ARC and forget to review it in time? Will you hate me forever?

No! (I try to be a lover, not a hater ;D) As I mentioned above, life happens. The best thing you can do though is read the ARC as soon as possible and review it, even if it’s after the book is out. And let me know what’s up so I’m not wondering.

How many ARCs will be sent out?

I will be ordering up to 30 physical copies to send out and am willing to send up to 50 digital copies. But, I can naturally be flexible on the number of digital copies.

Note, I say “up to ___ copies”. It depends on number of interested and “qualified” applicants.

Can international reviewers (non U.S.A.) request a physical ARC?

Digital ARCs aren’t bound by shipping costs/time. So I would generally recommend requesting a digital ARC if you live abroad to ensure you will have enough time to properly read and review the book.

That being said, I am (and have always been) open to mailing books internationally. However, given the time frame, I will be forced to look at where I am mailing and how long it usually takes my packages to get where they’re going (again, due to time constraints). I’ve found that mailing to the Philippines, for example, has taken up to two months. Mailing to Canada and the UK has taken much less time by comparison.

Do you have to be a book blogger to get an ARC?

Technically, no. But, I usually do try to work with people who are attempting to build their bookish presence in the community. The questions I ask on my application though all factor into how I’m assessing qualifications.

Okay, but, really, what’s the secret to getting an ARC? Lots of Twitter followers? Book Tube?

There really isn’t a secret. I honestly want to work with bloggers of all sizes from all outlets. Logic says that the bigger book bloggers have a better “return on investment”. Meaning, they have a farther reach, and therefore justify spending the time/money to provide them with an ARC.

But… When I was getting my start, I really needed people to believe in and take a chance on me. And the people who were there on the whole, at the beginning, were other people with tiny blogs just getting their start. So, no, don’t think that just because you don’t have at least 5000 Twitter followers you can’t get an ARC.

How long will the form be open for?

Until 11:59pm on March 8th

I just looked at your request form… Why all the questions?!

I promise, I ask every question because it factors into my decision. I look at every website, watch every YouTuber’s videos, see what people are posting on their accounts. Because of that, it really helps me out when I don’t have to go hunting for the information.

Incomplete responses/applications will not be considered. Again, I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time to go hunting. So please review and fill it out carefully. And, thank you for your understanding on it.

Still want to request a Water’s Wrath ARC?


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