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This was not an easy task! I expected to only get a couple entries for #WWFanGiveaway but the outpouring of entries has made it so agonizingly difficult to pick just six finalists. Still, it must be done and I tried to pick a variety of entries!

As a reminder, each of the six finalists will receive a signed bookmark set and bookplate. Five finalists will receive an eBook preorder and the winner will get an advanced paperback copy of Water’s Wrath.

One more note upfront… Thank you to everyone who participated in #WWFanGiveawyay. There were so many amazing entries and I’m so flattered by everyone’s enthusiasm. If you didn’t make it into the final round this time, don’t be discouraged from trying again in the future!

Vote for your favorite finalist at the bottom of the page! (In no particular order) they are…


Finalist 1

Why I liked it: This person is clearly referencing my answer to a question about Major Schnurr’s name on Goodreads. I love that they got very creative with their entry and playfully thought outside the box.


Finalist 2

Why I liked it: I love creative photo manipulations. I think they require a good eye and this one is excellent!


Finalist 3

Submission number 2! Vhalla from the air awakens series. #airawakens #vhallayarl #wwfangiveaway @elise.kova

A photo posted by amelia (@amelia_art1919) on

Why I liked it: This is the second of two amazing submissions from amelia and because I was having such a hard time choosing between them, I knew one had to make it. I really loved this one though with the incorporation of the quote, because that line stays with Vhalla through a lot of the series.


Finalist 4

Why I liked it: CHIBI! I think these are super cute and actually pretty close to how I imagine the characters. They’re SO cute too and the coloring is spot on. Plus I love love love the fact that someone drew Elecia <3


Finalist 5

Why I liked it: The calligraphy is amazing and I love the use of the quote with the imagery. Incredibly well-done photo. However… I don’t support people playing with fire, for the record ;D


Finalist 6

Why I liked it: I really don’t think that I need to explain myself on this one… xD


Time to vote!

Voting is open until 11:59pm on March 31st

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