The Fire Falling Playlist

I love writing to music. No, not love. It’s basically a must for me. I have songs that I can’t listen to without thinking of scenes from the Air Awakens series.

As a result, I’m pretty active leading up to the release of my books with #MusicMonday. I’ve released songs leading up to Fire Falling, but since book two of Air Awakens will be out in just three days (oh my gosh!) I thought it was time to release the full playlist.

The songs are in order of their “appearance” in the story. The titles should help those who have read gauge when they come up in Fire Falling. Titles in quotations are lyrics that I particularly love from the song. Often times I pick a song because of the lyrics, so I found lyric videos for all the songs.

The collection of all the Fire Falling #MusicMonday images:

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Let me know in the comments below, what’s your favorite song on this list? If you’ve read the book, which one do you think fits well?


1. Why not Shatter the Sky?


2. “Self-disgust and selfishness tend to hold me awfully close”


3. Broken Down, Built Back Up


4. The Sandstorm


5. “Say I love you when you’re not listening…”


6. The Curiosity Shop


7. “I know that we were made to break…”


8. “Those hardest to love need it most”


9. “Baby, we were born with Fire and Gold in our eyes”


10. Farewell, Innocence’s Remnant


11. Can’t Break the Broken
(Thank you to @BetweenDPages for suggesting this one! Liked it so much I added it.)


12. “I’m gonna change you like a remix, then I’ll raise you like a phoenix”


13. The Pass

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