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They can hardly stand each other. But they’re going to have to be ready to die for each other.

Craig has only ever really wanted one thing: to join the illustrious Golden Guard. He’s fought for two years in the sweltering North, never complained, gave everything to his training from Raylynn Westwind—favorite of Prince Baldair, and now has a chance to embark on a special mission that could be his ticket into the Golden Guard.

Nothing is going to get in his way, especially not a young upstart.

Daniel is a man of modest aspirations. All he wants is to earn a fair soldier’s wage to support a future life for the woman of his dreams when he returns from the war. It isn’t until he’s roped into Craig’s mission that he learns those in power have even noticed his skill with the sword.

Their orders to deliver a missive to the front lines should be easy for the two capable men. But when personalities clash things quickly go awry and to get out of the tricky situation they find themselves in, they’ll have to depend on the one person they would rather avoid: each other.

In this story about adventure, sword & sorcery, and unlikely friendships, follow Craig and Daniel as they traverse the wild and dangerous jungles of the North.

About the Series: The Golden Guard Trilogy is a young adult, epic fantasy, with themes of sword and sorcery and coming of age. It is composed of two short novels (The Crown’s Dog and The Prince’s Rogue) at approximately 50,000 words and one novella (The Farmer’s War) at approximately 30,000 words. Each story is told in dual point of view. While each novel tells its own contained story and could be read on its own, it is recommended to read them in order to capture the full evolution of these characters.

While it is set in the Air Awakens world, readers can begin with this series.

Cover illustration by Merilliza Chan:



Interior Artwork Illustration by Kolarp Em:


Hardcover & Interior Designs

Note: The regular paperback has the same interior formatting as the regular hardcover.

2022 Editions:

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Unpublished in this format. Only available in the Golden Guard physical omnibus.


Unpublished in this format. Only available in the Golden Guard physical omnibus.



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