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Text Elise Kova Get updates sent to your phone

With emails going to spam and promotional folders… or just sometimes not showing up at all, it can be easy to miss out on news and updates. Following on social media is also good, but with algorithms constantly changing, it’s even easy to miss things there, too.

For this reason, I’ve started a text line.

Never miss an update from me again.

Here’s what I TExt you:

1 text when I send my monthly newsletter – This will include a web link in the text message to conveniently read the newsletter without having to hunt through your inbox. I usually send my newsletters at the same time as my Etsy Drop, so you’ll get all the details on that, too in this text.

1 text if I have a special Etsy drop outside the usual time –  As mentioned above, my Etsy Drops are usually with my Newsletter. If it is, I won’t send two texts. But if I have a special drop outside of that regular time, I’ll give you a text.

1 text whenever I put up a new pre-order / pre-order reminders the week before release – This can be for digital, or physical copies of my books.

1 text whenever I have a new release – Never miss out on my new books again. This includes audiobooks.

1 text whenever I have something else special – Like a sale, giveaway, cover art reveal, a new bonus scene, etc… This might also sometimes be polls and surveys to get to know you better, too. Or maybe, if I’ve been quiet for a while, it’ll just be to say hi and see how you’re doing.

This might seem like a lot. But it really won’t be. Very rarely do I have all of these things happening at once.


You can expect 2-4 texts a month from me.

Most months will likely just be 2 texts. But sometimes, around a release for example, it might be closer to 4 texts in a month. However, I know no one wants to have their phone blown up. So I am going to do my level best to keep it at no more than 1 text per week.

Oh, and you should be able to REPLY to me.

Yes, really. You can reply to the texts and I will see it, much like if you reply to my regular newsletter 🙂

Note: Some international numbers and carriers might have problems with replying.


For numbers in the USA and Canada:

Text the word BOOKS to 844-403-6392 

Outside the USA and Canada?

CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up to get texts from me.



Message and data rates may apply
Reply STOP to opt out from all texts at any time.
Have an issue with replying? You can also opt out by using the form on this page: https://elisekova.com/text-line-unsubscribe/
Terms and Privacy Policy available at: https://elisekova.com/privacy%20policy/