Ten Gifs That Nail a Good Book

Good books are like drugs. One page turns into one-hundred and book one turns into multiple rereads, or a series that you’re begging the author to finish.


1. After the first chapter, this is your face.


2. Just 10 more pages before bed, no really just 10, that was the final 10, right?


3. To people with big mouths about spoilers:


4. “That book isn’t very good.“


5. What? It’s dinner already? I just ate lunch… two days ago.


6. When: the characters kiss/that one guy gets punched in the face/something great happens.


7. In a really good book, the author should surprise you.


8. That moment when the “quiet character” turns into a total badass


9. The book ends and you’re like…


10. But, if you’re lucky, you find out there’s a sequel. (Bring it on!)

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