Something You Should Know About Air Awakens…

Disclaimer: If you read this, please read ALL of it… Yes, I know it’s long.

This isn’t really a “fun” post for me to write, but I feel it a necessary one. I was discussing Air Awakens recently with a reviewer and I quickly realized she may not be a good fit for the book due to her personal beliefs. No hard feelings were had by any party and we avoided any potential awkwardness in the future.

But, that made me stop and think… Shouldn’t everyone know these things?

So I wanted to write a post about the types of situations/issues that will come up in the Air Awakens series. These aren’t spoilers. I’m not going to give away WHEN these things will happen in the series or WHO is involved in them. But I wanted to put it out there so that the amazing people who are supporting me know what they’re supporting upfront.

My goal is to avoid making anyone uncomfortable or feel as though they have compromised something they believed in by reading/supporting my work. I try to be respectful of all beliefs, even if mine differ. I also wanted to put these out there kind of as a “trigger list” of things that may be touched on in the series.

With all that being said… In the Air Awakens series (so this could be first book, it could be beyond, like I said I’m avoiding spoilers) there will be…

… violence
… LGBTQA+ relationships
… sexual situations (involving pre-marital)
… death
… suicide/self-harm
… substance abuse
… racism/sexism/other hate crimes

But wait! Isn’t this YA!?!

Yes. It is.

So all of those things will be in what I hope people agree with me is a “YA Appropriate” context. And, I also want to note that in my head my “target/intended audience” for Air Awakens is older YA… so 15-25+ range.

Why do I have them in there?

Because in the world around us we see these things. When I was thirteen I saw these things. I still see them now (even though I wish I didn’t for things like hate crimes) and I think that books play an important role in inspiring dialogue.

I want my characters to be human, to be diverse, to be pretty and ugly, hot and cold, sharp and soft, neither wholly good or wholly evil. I want them to be all the shades of gray that people are in real life. I want to try to write diverse characters because I believe that representation matters and I want to do my best to honor it.

It all comes down to the fact that I want to write books and characters that feel real. And sometimes reality isn’t the storybook fantasy. Sometimes its ugly and sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Sometimes, it’s doing things that will be regretted. What’s most important to me is less the act and more how the character approaches, confronts, and deals with the consequences and aftermath.

But, I also want you to know that Air Awakens will also have a lot of…

… hope
… triumph
… magic
… romantic love
… familial love
… strong female characters
… LGBTQA+ relationships (because I personally see it as a positive! :D)
… epic moments
… fantasy

If Air Awakens isn’t for you then I understand. I just wanted to make my position as an author known.

Hopefully, you’re even more excited for Air Awakens, and if you are you can get the book here.

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