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Society of Wishes Cover FINAL v1 small

Three things you should never do:
① Work for the mafia.
② Be in a government raid.
③ Trade your life away to hot demigods you accidentally summon with magic that shouldn’t exist in exchange for a wish.

Josephina “Jo” Espinosa just did all three.

Now, she’s the newest member of the Society of Wishes. The Society’s mansion? Too lavish to be real. Their jobs? Impossible. And the secrets? Deadly. Here, Jo finds out she has no choice but to use her newfound destructive magic to help grant the wishes of mortals.

Her money problems may be gone, but her magic problems are just starting. And her new boss, the impossibly attractive Snow, might be the biggest problem of them all.

The Society is becoming more deadly by the day and Jo must unravel the secrets of Snow’s past before her magic unravels the very fabric of the world.

For fans of magic, alternate realities, steamy soulmates, forgotten gods, and slow-burn twisty surprises… prepare to be kept guessing about the Society of Wishes right up until the very end.

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