So I have this idea for a book…

“So I have this idea for a book…” says the author’s friend.

“You do?! How exciting! Tell me all about it!” says the author.

The two friends talk and talk, dinner turns into dessert and the ice cream is melted and the waiters are tapping their feet as they finally take their leave.

“It’s a shame,” the author’s friend finally laments into the cool night air.

“What is?” The author is confused. Had they not spoken for hours on the same wonderful idea?

“I’ll never write it.” The author’s friend sighs heavily and this only serves to confuse the author more.

“Why not?”

“Because, I’m not an author.” The author’s friend points out, rather obviously.

“Well, not yet. But everyone starts somewhere.” The author says kindly. “You just need to write.”

“But, I don’t have time.”

“Just write.”

“I’m too tired.”

“Just write.”

“I never studied literature in school.”

“Just write.”

“No one will read it.”

“Just write.”

“I’ll never be published.”

“Just write.”

“It’s too hard.”

“Just write.”

“I wrote a little, but then I stopped.”

“Write, write, write and keep writing until the page is full and then write more.”

If you want to write you can, don’t let society or yourself get in the way of doing something that makes you happy. You have the power to choose if you’re the author, or the author’s friend.

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