Sassy and Dangerous – Air Awakens Review

Well, we’ve had another review with Loki gifs. Not only that, but it’s another 5/5! I’m so flattered to be receiving such amazing reviews from even more amazing reviewers! This one comes from Sassy and Dangerous!

She does such a great job with the review that I’m just going to pull out a few teasers here that I HAD to share. But be sure to head over and READ THE FULL REVIEW!

For me, I find it really hard to get into fantasy books because sometimes I just can’t connect with the world or characters, but this one is now on my favorite fantasy lists because it was absolutely amazing! Not only was the world building vivid and unique, but also the writing style. I loved how the author was descriptive in her writing, but not to the point where it felt forced, or too poetic.

What else does an author want to hear than they have great world building and an on-point writing style?! When I wrote Air Awakens I really wanted to start with the characters and make a fantasy world that was rich while not being too daunting for people who may be getting into fantasy.

With our main hero Prince Aldrik, lord someone needs to turn the AC on because it just got mighty HOT in here! When we first meet him, yes, he is a bit of a self-centered, arrogant jerk. He’s also a bit crazy in one particular scene that had me laughing out of shock, but don’t worry about that just yet! *winks*

Hehe, Aldrik gets such mixed feedback! But I’ll be a selfish author and say I’m glad that other people are envisioning him as hot, because I sure am!!

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