I was listening to the audiobook of THE CROWN’S DOG the other day with a friend, and heard dialogue I’d forgotten I’d written. We listened to the audiobook for AIR AWAKENS next (he’s into audiobooks and hadn’t heard them yet), and I forgot how much I do love the first chapter of AIR AWAKENS.

You see, while writing, I sometimes get so wrapped up into the flow, that I’m not entirely aware of what I’m writing. Or, if I can’t fall into that flow, I’m stressing about the work being quality — and it is WORK at that point to get the words out on paper. Then, while editing, I’m slicing and cutting and re-reading and examining as harshly as I can for flaws.

By the time a book is published, I’m done with it and ready to move on. Usually, I’m halfway through the next novel on my docket, with the way I write. Due to time, and exhaustion, I rarely go back and re-read my own work.

Because of this, I am so excited for the read/re-read along that’s happening right now for THE ALCHEMISTS OF LOOM on Facebook. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a breath and re-read my own work. It gives me a chance to discover what I like about my own work, and really dig into where I have room to improve. Plus, getting to do it with readers makes it all the better!

Every day there are discussion questions, and people can chat about what they’ve read. Everyone is welcome to join and you can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Plus, there are daily giveaways! So, the smart thing is to make sure that you have joined the Facebook group so you don’t miss a thing.


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