Reading Checklist

Getting ready to curl up with your next favorite book? Here’s my reading checklist that always gets me in the mood to settle in and turn some pages:



I have so many books to read that I sometimes wish I had the girl who literally gave zero f^cks (aka Hermoine Granger) to tell me which one to read next. But, alas, if you’re like me you do not have said #BossWitch to decide for you and you must cull through your long “To Read” list in lonely turmoil.



I’ve been told that there are actually people out there who only read like 10 pages at a time. But I have never met these unicorns. If I’m reading you bet I’m killing at least half the book in one sitting. And to do that I need to settle in for the long haul. And then settle in again… and again…

3) TEA


Yeah, I’m not one of those “summer readers” who goes to the beach. Reading is a cozy experience for me. Put me in my cave and leave me be. Therefore, I don’t care if it’s hot out, I’m not outside and want my warm drink.

Also, I’m not a coffee drinker. Tea all the way! If you’re like me here’s a really useful chart to make sure your tea is perfect the next go around by making sure your water is the ideal temperature.

(P.S. Shout out to my favorite anime of all time with this one)



This one isn’t really supplied by me, it’s more if I am blessed by the cat shaped god. But I love it when I am so blessed because it helps with that whole “cozy” thing. #PROTIP I find kitty treats help.



It’s not that I don’t love the people in my life… it’s just that for a few hours I’d rather live with the people in my books instead. NOTE: the photo above may be an accurate representation of my face when someone decides to interrupt me.

The next time you curl up with a good book I hope you’ll consider Air Awakens –! Especially if you like Young Adult Fantasy Romance. But no matter what book you choose, what’s on your reading checklist?

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