What book should you read first?

Do you look at my catalog of books and not know where to start? This quiz should help determine the best book (series, and universe) of mine to begin with based on your current reading preferences! Note, at the end of the quiz you will have the opportunity to opt into my mailing list. It is not required to see your results!

I have three main universes that I write in. While they are all filled with magic, they vary in a few areas…

Air Awakens (Young Adult, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy, Romance)
Includes: Air Awakens Series, The Golden Guard Trilogy, Air Awakens: Vortex Chonicles

Loom Saga (Adult, Dark Fantasy, Gaslamp/Steampunk)
Includes: Loom Saga

Age of Magic (New Adult/Older YA, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy)
Includes: Wish Quartet

Take the quiz:

How long do you want your book to be?
Pick a witch or wizard you'd want to read about.
What type of fantasy world do you want to dive into?
Which one of these fantasy books do you like the most? (Or currently want to read something like?)
How steamy do you want your romance?
Pick something to watch this weekend:
What makes you instantly put down a book?
Pick one quote you'd want your female lead to say:
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