Postcards for Preorders

I’m so excited for Air Awakens to finally be out that I’m loosing my mind. I want to just tell everyone about the story! But, I’m trying to be a good author and not spoil things for you lovely readers.

However, I do have a bit of a teaser for those of you who pre-order the book – an exclusive character bio! On the back of the postcard pictured below is a bio that tells all about our main character: Vhalla Yarl. It gives some insights into her life before the start of Air Awakens.

If you want a postcard it’s really simple:

  1. Preorder an ebook, hardcover, or paperback of Air Awakens (Click Here)
  2. Forward your preorder confirmation and physical mailing address to
  3. Get your post card!

Supplies are limited and the postcards will be on a first-come basis. I am more than happy to mail them internationally as well!

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