New Edition of Air Awakens

I know this blog will surprise many people, as Air Awakens only came out three months ago. So I thought I’d take the time to answer some expected questions as to why there is already a new edition of the book and what is going to be different. And explain why (IMHO) you don’t need to worry about buying the book again.

Why the new edition? What’s the biggest difference?

There’s one big reason why this new edition is coming so soon. The short answer is: because margins.

Okay, let me elaborate… As most people know by now, I am a debut indie author. While I try to get things right on the first try, I have a lot still to learn along the way. I’m working through a distributor to get my books printed and formatted. Because of a miscommunication, the original manuscript of Air Awakens was formatted with margins for a 5″x8″ (sized) manuscript. The final print of Air Awakens was printed at 5.5″x8.8″ and this was all discovered about 3 days before the release of Air Awakens. So I had a choice:

  1. Change the print size and then people who got the book early from ARCs (and shipping issues that caused books to be sent before the release date) would have a wrong-sized manuscript (e.g. taller and wider than all later manuscripts)
  2. Delay the release of Air Awakens and fix the margins
  3. Release as it was with margins that were only about .25″ larger than they should be inside

I went with number 3. At that point I had no idea what would come of Air Awakens and figured I would change it later (which is now). I don’t know if it was the “right” decision, but it felt like the right decision because I didn’t want people to have miss-matched books on their shelves.

How much can margins really change?

Well, if you’ve ever been trying to reach a page count for a paper in school you know that adjusting the margins a tiny bit across a lot of text can affect page count.

As a result, this new edition is approximately 60 pages shorter.

There is no removed content.

One more time for the people in the back, there is no removed content.

So, if you put the “old edition” next to this “new edition” the old edition will have a slightly thicker spine. That’s it.

So it’s just margins and page count, then?

dog eared pagesNot entirely… Since I was changing the margins I thought it was an ideal opportunity to fix some typos. That’s another thing about that whole “learning process” I mentioned before. I’ve added two new rounds of editing to my manuscripts before they hit the printers to hopefully weed out more typos in the final copy. There will never be a typo-free manuscript. Somewhere, there will always be a comma out of place, an errant space lingering where it shouldn’t, etc… But, I hope that Fire Falling is significantly improved over the original release of Air Awakens when it comes to typos. I’m learning, I’m improving, and that’s the best I can offer you.

So, since I was making changes anyways I ran Air Awakens through another round of editing. And, when I say “another round of editing” you can refer to the photo on the left. All the dog-eared pages are places that I made a change, any change, adding a comma got a dog eared page. While I’m still sure there are minor imperfections, I hope new readers will be a little less distracted by editing errors on my end.

Okay, new page count, fixed typos, do I need to buy a new book?

No, in my humble opinion, no.

If you own the book digitally you should be able to go through your retailer and manually update (all files should be uploaded with the new edition by 11/23). I believe there’s a way to do that for most retailers and it should be free if it doesn’t automatically update (which is the case for many). The eBook reflects all the changes.

I think you should only feel compelled to buy a new physical book IF:

  • You absolutely 100% can’t stand that the spine on your copy of Air Awakens is a little thicker than the spine on someone’s copy who just bought it today
  • You were among the people who were deeply affected by the typos and want a revised copy

If it were me, I wouldn’t buy a new copy. Because, hey, you got a “first edition” with a limited run 😉

Are there more changes to come?

Nothing significant. There may be some updates here or there in the future, maybe catching another typo I just have to fix. But I doubt I’ll post about it if there is. I only wanted to write something letting people know of this change so they didn’t think that there was anything removed because the page count was different.

What about Fire Falling?

All the rest of the Air Awakens series will have correct margins and the additional rounds of editing from the beginning.


Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and understanding along my journey. While I’m not perfect and am still figuring it all out, I like to think I’m learning fast and the process is getting smother with each book.

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