Character Profile: Arianna

Character Profile Arianna

Character Profile: Arianna

Unlocked in the Guild Games

Age: 22

Nickname(s): Ari, White Wraith

Birthday: 7.10.1058

Chosen Guild: Rivets

Graduated to Journeyman: 4.2.1072

Graduated to Master: 9.20.1078

Race: Fenthri

Chimera: Yes

Height: 6’2″ (188cm)*

Build: Muscular

Appearance: [LOCKED – Join the Guild Games to Unlock!]

Character Song: Gasoline by Halsey

Zodiac Sign: Taurus*

Myers Briggs Personality Type: ISTJ-A*

Pet Peeves: Inefficiency, disrespecting someone’s work, over-emotional thinking/acting

Passions/Obsessions: Mechanics, the sound of well oiled gears turning, numbers and precision

Weapon of Choice: Golden daggers and winch box

Other Character Notes: Arianna “Ari” is a Master Rivet and looks at the world with eyes that see what both is, and what cold be. Raised in the days before the Dragons, she’s a purest to the old ways of Loom when Fenthri chose their guilds and did not wear brands on their faces. She appreciates science for science’s sake, but her years have given her some wisdom as to the danger of such thinking. Not much is known of her background as the Rivet geniusĀ keeps to herself, avoiding proper contact with the guilds as they stand. Instead, she fights against the system under the moniker of New Dortam’s infamous “White Wraith” – the enemy of all Dragons.


*NOTE: Things like measurements, or astrological signs, are different or excluded from the World of Loom. They have been included here for the sake of interest.


What are you most interested in learning more about when it comes to Arianna?



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