Life Changing Fantasy Books

“Art isn’t created in a vacuum.”

I’ll admit, I don’t know who said it but I love that it was said. It’s so true. Everything that is created is created in reaction to something. An influence, an homage, a statement about the world, there’s so much that goes into even making the most original creation. And, often times, I find it the intersection of influence and originality that makes the best stories.

As an author, I will consciously and subconsciously pay homage to, and be influenced by, books I admire. It’s hard not to be moved by great work. Furthermore, as I think most of us know, sometimes we grow as people from books as they make us question the way we see the world and live our lives.

I’m no exception. When I look back at the books I’ve read there are some that always stand out to me as having a special impact on my life and the way I tell stories. These are books that I think that everyone should read, and while you may not get the same thing I got out of them I hope you will gain a deep enjoyment from them as I did.

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