Let Me Say, “Thank You”

Black Friday Sale ImageDear Readers, Potential Readers, Future Air Awakens Lovers, and Already Die-Hards Alike, let me take a moment and say, “Thank You.”

If you’ve read Air Awakens and noticed the dedication, if you followed my journey, you know that I began writing on Fictionpress. When I penned the first words of Air Awakens all I wanted to do was tell a story. I wanted to have fun spinning a tale that others could enjoy. When I decided to self-publish, I wasn’t even sure if I would “break even” on the costs I put in for editing, cover design, distribution, ect.

And then, I did.

Then, thousands of people read the book. I had people from all walks of life, all regions and creeds, reaching out to me. I had new friends who shared my love of books and, by some miracle, love of my books.

Today is Thanksgiving in the states. A day aptly named as the day that you are supposed to “give thanks”. And I have so much to be thankful for.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, a day of insane shopping and lots of deals. A day that I personally (after my part-time retail days in college) like to spend hidden under my covers with a good book.

So I thought, what if I could combine the two?

Right now through Black Friday, Air Awakens (book one) is on sale, on Amazon, for $0.99. This is the first time that I have discounted the book and I don’t know yet when the next time may be. But I could think of no better way to say “thank you” than to give an opportunity for everyone who has been thinking about getting in on the series, but couldn’t due to price, the opportunity to grab an eBook and get to reading.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me on this journey. Thank you to every reader who has taken a chance on and loved my work. I could not be more honored to have your eyes gracing my pages. I hope I can continue to bring you stories that you enjoy and I hope that you will continue this journey together with me.

Get Air Awakens for $0.99 on Amazon through Black Friday

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