Let Me Be Fictional – Air Awakens Review

One of my favorite things about reading all the book reviews on my Air Awakens Release Blog Tour is seeing how people interact with Air Awakens and what they take away from the story. That’s a big part of the beauty of putting art out into the world. Everyone will take something different away. People will see different things in it based on their experiences and what they want to see.

No two people read the same book.

So I was over the moon ecstatic when I was reading Let Me Be Fictional’s Air Awakens Review (CLICK HERE to read the full review) because not only did she include “dream casting” of how she saw the two main characters but also some songs. And, as most of you all ready know, I’m BIG on the music for writing!

For our heroine, Vhalla Yarl, she “casted” Birdy. I had no idea who she was before, but thankfully Let Me Be Fictional included a music video with a song that I loved!

She’s a little fairer skinned than I personally envisioned Vhalla. And, Vhalla’s eyes are brown (though, I mean, contacts are an easy thing!). But I love the expression in this photo! And something about the shape of her jaw and mouth are very Vhalla to me.

Now, that video that Let Me Be Fictional included was also pretty SPOT ON!

I knew I’d like it when the first lyrics were “I’ve been sleepless at night cause I don’t know how I feel. I’ve been waiting on you to say something real.” I think that’s PERFECT Vhalla to Aldrik. I actually think it has multiple places it can fit in the series as a whole and has been added to my playlists.

So who did she cast as Aldrik? Here’s a hint…


Oh, and she also gave Air Awakens a 5/5… I mean, I can’t complain about THAT! So yeah, be sure to read the full review.


If you’re interested in reading Air Awakens it’ll be out August 27th, you can CLICK HERE to preorder.

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