IrisjeXx – Air Awakens Review

Air Awakens was a pretty damn epic read.”

Okay, what else can I say? I feel like a lazy writer on this one but that sentence right there summed everything I could ever hope for from an Air Awakens review! The number one thing authors want is for people to enjoy their books and as these book reviews for Air Awakens comes in I’m constantly and pleasantly overwhelmed by the praise.

When I started writing Air Awakens I said, “I have to make people care about the characters, if I can’t do that then they won’t care about the story.” So I focused on that foremost when writing and let the story and world evolve naturally through the character’s eyes. It seems like I accomplished this goal with Iris:

I’m a pretty big fan of character driven stories, and Air Awakens was just that. The protagonist, Vhalla, was a great character. I loved that I could relate with her.

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