Introducing #QWK

Twitter ChatOver the past month in promoting the release of Air Awakens I discovered the world of Twitter chats. They’re these awesome hours where people who all enjoy the same thing get together, answer questions posed by the “host” of the Twitter chat, and talk about anything and everything. It’s a wonderful way to meet people who like the same things you do!

After participating in #RQWN hosted by @ReadWriteLove28 and #SS15 hosted by @talinaroma I decided to give back and get in on the Twitter chat game with #QWK!

What does #QWK mean?

Questions With Kova
(I borrowed the idea from #RQWN meaning “Random Questions With Nori – EEP! I hope she doesn’t mind. Go follow her on Twitter so she doesn’t get mad at me!)

Do I need a Twitter account to participate?

Yes! Go sign up for one and follow me @EliseKova if you haven’t already.

How do I participate?

It’s REALLY easy. On Saturday, September 12th at 3:00pm be sure to be on Twitter and watching my feed. I’ll let everyone know the chat is starting and then ask the first question. It’ll look something like:

#QWK Q1: (A really witty question)

Then, Tweet your answer to Question 1:

A1: (Your even wittier answer) #QWK

Don’t forget the #QWK! If you want to talk to everyone in the chat you absolutely must have #QWK! So so important. #QWK, include it in your tweets during the chat. Got it? Good.

How do I watch the chat?

You can search #QWK on twitter and then click the live tab. If you don’t hit the live tab you won’t see everyone’s responses.

Can I respond to people or say things that aren’t answers to the questions?

Of course! This is your chance to have fun! Make new friends, chat about books or life!

Do I need to read Air Awakens before the chat?

No, it’s not mandatory. This will be a general bookish chat. Though, I likely will slip in some questions about the book. If you want to read it in advance you can get it from any of these retailers:

What else do I need to know?

That’s it! There’s your crash course in Twitter Chats! I hope to see you for the first #QWK on Saturday, September 12th at 3:00pm EST! Put it in your phone, mark your calendars, write a sticky note and put it on your fridge. I can’t wait to chat with everyone!

Want a Facebook reminder? RSVP here!

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