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Licensed Merchandise Creator Inquiry

Hello, fellow creator!

Elise Kova, here. I’m so, so flattered that you love my worlds enough to want to make products inspired by them. I’ve created this page to help us get the process started. Please take a look through the FAQ and then fill out the form below if you’re still interested. Filling out the form doesn’t guarentee anything, but it does go right to my inbox; so I’ll be sure to read it and get back to you!
Sincerely, EK.

DISCLAIMER: I, Elise Kova, am an author, not a lawyer. I do not provide any kind of legal, business, or tax advice. The accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of any information here is not warranted or guaranteed. Any information here is not a substitute for the advice or services of an actual legal professional (attorney). I always recommend that people contact a lawyer or other apporpriate professional if you want legal, business, or tax advice. 

Licensed Merchandise FAQ:


Are you a small, independent creator who's interested in possibly working with me on officially licensed merchandise? Please fill out this form!

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