Ink and Bound Pages – Air Awakens Review

(Photo from Ink and Bound Pages)

Our first digital stop in our blog review tour is with Ink and Bound Pages. Her Tumblr is so full of beautiful pictures of books and great reviews, so its definitely something you want to check out and follow! I absolutely love Tumblr because it’s like Twitter and Blogger had a love-child and spat out the easiest to follow fandom site on the planet. I’m SO excited to see Air Awakens gracing the Tumblr-verse and would love to encourage everyone to reblog her post!

You can read and reblog the full Ink and Bound Pages Air Awakens review here:


A few highlights from the review:

“The plot in this book was super awesome and fast-paced. Everything fell into place really well, and didn’t feel too quick or slow.”

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants something similar to The Grisha Trilogy or Avatar: The Last Air Bender; something with romance, fast plot and interesting worlds and characters.”

“The writing in this book was stronger than I expected. It wasn’t too poetic but it wasn’t too plain, and I felt that it suited the story really well. I loved how it could be descriptive but at the same time to the point.”

Ink and Bound Pages gave Air Awakens 5 out of 5 stars!

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