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Inhabitants of Loom choose from five guilds to learn from and work within. These guilds form a strong chain by which their entire world can be hung from. So, it’s only natural that people feel a deep amount of pride for the guild they belong to.

As the Dragon Queen, I want to foster this pride and enthusiasm for the guilds and the work done there. Therefore, I proposed a challenge for a signed advanced copy of The Alchemists of Loom open only to those in the guilds. If you would like to find your guild so you don’t miss out on any future giveaways, learn more about the Guild Games.

The four finalists come from different guilds and I need your help deciding who will win the grand prize of the ARC. They are…

Entry 1

I loved that @dalagangpinay7 of the Harvesters Guild made a video for her entry! Very original! There were no others like it.

Entry 2

@novavandorwolf went all out on this costume. Look at the detailing! Not to mention, I believe a lot of that detailing on the corset was hand-painted.

Entry 3

One of the things I loved about this contest was how many creative entries I got. This embrodery was no exception. Not only is it stunning, but you well know that @bibliophagist_omnilegent is a proud member of the Raven’s Guild!

This is my entry for @elise.kova ‘s challenge. We were tasked with creating anything we wanted to represent the Guild we belong to. ⚜️ As a member of the Ravens Guild I knew my creation would center around a raven (one of my favorite animals btw) & since the world of “The Alchemists of Loom” is inspired by steampunk I added some gears to represent that aspect as well as representing our love of building things (we are masters of transportation) ⚜️ I’m going to turn this into a book sleeve for my book once I get a copy. (Also going to add the motto “Full Throttle, Live Fast”) ⚜️ This is only my second time embroidering and I’m very proud of how it turned out 😊 . Good luck everyone who entered!! #theravensguild #elisekova #thealchemistofloom #towerguard #theguildgames #art #embroidery #bookish #bookstagram #books #lol

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Entry 4

We have another example of a guild member really showing their day-to-day in the world of Loom with @sleighmenard‘s entry. And, you can see a bit of the symbol of The Alchemists Guild on that notebook!

What entry do you think should win an ARC?

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Voting ends 7pm EST, November 9th


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