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To the Inhabitants of Loom


I, the Dragon Queen, am well aware of your plights and struggles as you scrape together order from chaos upon Loom. Do not think that the clouds are a barrier between us so mighty that it obscures my ever watchful gaze. My Dragons whisper to me of your ingenuity, your perseverance, your grit, your determination that is stronger even than even tempered gold.

I seek your success as the Five Guilds of Loom have created a foundation upon which great civilizations are to be built. Your cooperation between your halls of learning and innovation is the cornerstone to your world’s very success. My duty in overseeing you is also my delight, a delight in which I seek to share.

I have spoken with the five Vicars of Loom, heads of each of your unique Guilds, and devised a game of sorts, the Guild Games – if you will, to entertain you in the coming weeks. I hold information which you seek, knowledge of the greater world which surrounds you. And you, you hold resources that I seek.

In these games, you may exchange those resources to me for the knowledge I possess — a balance which I am sure your logical minds will revel in. What, you may ask, are these exchange rates? There is a primer which you can seek out to guide you.

Work hard Ravens, Alchemists, Rivets, Harvesters, and Revolvers. For many great things can be yours.


The Dragon Queen


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