Dani Reviews Things – Air Awakens Review

For the next stop on the Air Awakens Release Blog Tour head over to Dani Reviews Things. I’m putting that link upfront because it’s absolutely one you can’t miss.

Here’s the “Quick Review” off her website:

Air Awakens is one of my favourite books of the year! Elise Kova has managed to combine the ingredients for a Dani special: intelligent and independent female role model, strong and complex male counterpart with some awkwardness, an interesting magic system in a vivid world and a few twists and turns thrown together with clues to pick up along the way. The components were whisked together with a generous helping of skill to help them shine. I haven’t been able to start another book since finishing it, and I’ve already reread several chapters to more fully absorb the subtle hints carefully woven into the story. Air Awakens is a confirmed five-star young adult fantasy from a debut author, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

You can preorder the book here: http://bit.ly/PreorderAirAwakensToday

The “Long Review” is completely worth reading! I was squealing and squee’ing with excitement (and LOKI GIFS!). I have to admit, this review has started to make things “real” for me. Air Awakens is out in 16 days.

Hold on, let me repeat that.


This thing I’ve been working on for years is finally going to see the light of day and be in people’s hands to enjoy. As I was reading Dani’s review it was completely a surreal experience of realizing that my characters are truly coming to life for other people. They’re not just mine any longer. They’re ready to be shared with the world. This is such an amazing feeling and I still have 16 days left of the book tour.

Oh, and one more teaser… Don’t forget to read the blogs on the book tour for a chance at SPECIAL GIVEAWAYS!


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