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Happy Monday, world!

It’s really weird that the Air Awakens series has ended. The past month has been like being thrown into the deep end of a cold swimming pool, pulled out, slapped across the face, spun ten times, and then told to walk a short marathon in a straight line.

Okay… It hasn’t been that bad. But, to say it’s been busy may be the understatement of the year! I’ve been busy finishing up the second book in the Loom Saga to get to the editor, working on putting together some special things to lead up to the release of The Alchemists of Loom in January, and beginning to outline some of the Golden Guard standalone novels I have planned. That’s on top of travelling and appearances – eeesh!

While doing all this, I always have music on. It helps me sort through my chaotic thoughts and strings together various emotions and scenes that spin through my head into words that can become stories for you. Every book I write has a “soundtrack”, songs that I write to or songs that I think capture the characters.

My need for writing music is such a joke among my friends that my bestie recently got me this for my laptop.
My need for writing music is such a joke among my friends that my bestie recently got me this for my laptop… Love her!

I tease different “tracks” off these soundtracks with #MusicMonday images leading up to the release of the book. After the book is out (usually late because I am constantly behind on everything it seems like) I compile it all together in a single post/playlist for everyone to enjoy.

For Crystal Crowned, a lot of the songs I think have a much slower pace and stray toward the more romantic side of things than I think we see in the book. This playlist is a lot more of a capstone to the series and looks a lot more at the character relationships than I think other playlists did. There’s also songs that I think fit the characters when they’re fully realized to where I had been driving them all along. A lot of Vhalla/Aldrik songs here, and a lot of throwback songs to some of my favorite singles/albums that have been with me for a lot longer than I’ve even been working on Air Awakens.

I pulled out some of my favorite lyrics for images:

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And you can listen to the full playlist via my YouTube channel:


What is your favorite song? What song makes you think of Air Awakens?
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