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Circle of Ashes Cover FINAL sm

Every wish has a cost; and now the Society must pay it.

Just when Jo thinks she’s found her footing in the Society of Wishes, they get their hardest wish to date.

It’s like a train wreck that none of them can look away from. What makes matters worse? Snow uses up all his power rewinding time itself, making their margin for error razor thin. After a string of disasters the Society is teetering on the edge.

Jo’s used to high pressure situations; Snow showing up in the middle of the night at her room? Not so much. He’s the only person who knows what their fate will be if they fail to grant the wish and Jo isn’t aftraid to use her newfound closeness with the man to unravel the truth… But he may unravel her first.

Everything comes to a head as an executioner emerges from among them to exact the price of failure and nothing will ever be the same for the Society.

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