Character Profile: Florence

Character Profile Florence

Character Profile: Florence

Unlocked in the Guild Games

Age: 16

Nickname(s): Flor

Birthday: 20.9.1064

Chosen Guild: Revolvers

Graduated to Journeyman: Never Graduated

Graduated to Master: Never Graduated

Race: Fenthri

Chimera: No

Height: 5’3″ (160cm)*

Build: Thin/Soft

Appearance: [LOCKED – Join the Guild Games to Unlock!]

Character Song: Misguided Ghosts by Paramore

Zodiac Sign: Aries*

Myers Briggs Personality Type: ESTP-T*

Pet Peeves: Contradicting ideals, those who devalue life, a poorly maintained gun

Passions/Obsessions: The sight of explosions, the tension of dealing with deathly materials, the sound of a gun cocking, sweet foods, decorated hats/tophats

Weapon of Choice: Revolver, explosive disks

Other Character Notes: Florence lives outside the law. Branded as a Raven, she fled the guild when she knew she wouldn’t pass the second guild test and would be put to death as a result. After the rest of her escape party was either captured or killed, she stumbled into Arianna. Since then, the two have lived together in Old Dortam and Florence has studied as a Revolver, her chosen guild. She spends her days studying the killer craft and making canisters and weapons for the White Wraith.


*NOTE: Things like measurements, or astrological signs, are different or excluded from the World of Loom. They have been included here for the sake of interest.


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