Character Profile: Cvareh


Character Profile: Cvareh

Unlocked in the Guild Games

Age: 43

Nickname(s): (none)

Full Name: Cvareh Xin’Ryu Soh

Birthday: 16.11.1037

Chosen Guild: N/A

Graduated to Journeyman: N/A

Graduated to Master: N/A

Race: Dragon

Dragon House: Xin

Chimera: N/A

Height: 6’6″ (216cm)*

Build: Lean/Muscular

Appearance: see his character trading card

Character Song: Made for You by OneRepublic

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius*

Myers Briggs Personality Type: ENFP-T*

Pet Peeves: Being dirty, clothes out of fashion/being unfashionable, those who insult House Xin

Passions/Obsessions: Fighting for his sister, tea shops, wineries,

Weapon of Choice: Claws

Other Character Notes: The youngest child of the former Xin’Oji’s three children, Cvareh was destined for nobility in the Dragon Court. When his sister killed their father and then defeated their elder brother in a duel, she sent him away, assumed the role of Xin’Oji, and made Cvareh her right hand as Ryu. Cvareh is known to be unambitious and overcome with flights of fancy on Nova. As a result, most Dragons see him as weak. But, with a sister as power-thirsty as Petra, Cvareh’s actions are far more calculated than any of  the other Dragons beyond House Xin realize.


*NOTE: Things like measurements, or astrological signs, are different or excluded from the World of Loom. They have been included here for the sake of interest.


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