Calling All Book Reviewers…

Calling all book reviewers, bloggers, book tubers, bookstagramers, tweeters, and general book lovers who like to share that love with the world at large! I am beginning to get things in order for Air Awakens book 2, which seems a little crazy because Air Awakens book 1 hasn’t even come out yet! But I’m all about moving fast.

For everyone else book 1 hasn’t even come out yet. But for me, book 2 is about to go off to the presses. It’s so exciting! That also means that book 2’s cover is going to be out before we all know it (and let me tell you, the cover is looking so good).

I am looking for reading enthusiasts who are interested in helping spread the word about Air Awakens. Specifically, people who are interested in hosting cover reveal blogs/posts/videos and people interested in being advanced reviewers. If you think you’re one such person, fill out the following form. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends who may be interested!

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