Books and Ladders – Air Awakens Review

(Note: This review has spoilers, for those who are sensitive to that)

As you can see in my note, this review does have some spoilers. But, I personally don’t mind that much. I’m actually one of those weird people who LIKES spoilers. Yeah, I’m not just saying that. I’ll usually read the synopsis of a book or movie and then try to find a spoiler of the ending.

Why? you may ask…

Well, because I think it’s all about the JOURNEY and not the destination. If I can read the synopsis and think one thing will happen and then read a spoiler and something completely different happens then THAT’S something that I want to read. Clearly, the author is doing something that’s unexpected and I want to know how the characters get to that point.

I can’t believe Air Awakens got another 5/5. I’m so flabbergasted in the best of ways!

My favorite part of the review was when Jamie describes Vhalla and why she likes her:

Vhalla was such an interesting character and was written absolutely perfectly. I liked that she was vulnerable and afraid, but also brave and willing to do whatever it took to be herself. I have so many saved quotes on my Kindle copy of Vhalla being a badass. I think sometimes people equate badass with punching and kicking, but it was the quiet moments of Vhalla realizing she was meant to be something great, even if it was only for one person, that I fell in love with her.

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