Book Signing TOMORROW (St. Petersburg, FL)


I know a lot is going on in Florida right now… But, after much discussion with the bookstore and those involved, the show will go on tomorrow for a signing from 5-7pm at Books at Park Place in St. Petersburg, FL.

I am excited to return to Books at Park Place for this signing and even more excited to meet other authors that they have invited as part of the “local author showcase”.

Confirmed authors are:

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author C L Wilson, author of “The Fading Lands” series and “The Weathermages of Mistral” collection will be on hand to sign copies of her many books.
Wendi Christner, award winning author of “The Acorn’s Song” and the forthcoming “The Water Bearer”, will be here as well.
Rafe Grayson, author of “Feeding Lazarus”, will be joinging us as well. This up and coming horror author/poet is a force to watch. Rafe Grayson dwells in the dark depths of a human mind. From these recessed corners, he conjures up stories with the hope of invoking intense emotion in the hearts of his readers.
Elissa Wilds author of “Between Light and Dark” and numerous other paranormal romantic fiction and metaphysical/new age non-fiction books.
Amanda Byrd, the satirical author of “How to Be An Adult”, will be with us as well with her unique wit and charm.

If you are in the area or can safely make your way into town, I hope you can join! RSVP here:

Now, all that being said…

I do have friends and family on the east coast. People who did and did not evacuate. I know the effects of this storm will be wide-reaching and it will take days, weeks, and months, for some to pull their lives back together.

Foremost, I want to say, if you were intending on coming to this signing but cannot because of the conditions of where you are, or the things you need to attend to, email me using my contact form and I will work out shipping a signed book (or books) to you at no shipping cost.

Additionally, while I have every intention of being at this signing, please keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date announcements. As I mentioned, I have family and very close friends who were in the eye of the storm. Depending on news that comes in now that the worst is passing I may, at the last minute, have to go attend to personal matters. While this looks unlikely, I thank you for your understanding.

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