Attending Life, the Universe, and ConFusion 2016

I love adventure. And when that adventure also feeds my wanderlust it becomes all the more enticing. Therefore, when the amazing Susan Dennard (Author of TRUTHWITCH) was chatting me up about this convention called “ConFusion” I was immediately on board to go! Two weeks away? No problem. Plane tickets are booked!

From the ConFusion Website:

In addition to being the longest-running fan-run sf/f convention in Michigan, ConFusion is a premier event for publishing professionals and fans alike. It is hailed as a place to experience programming and guests on the caliber you find at a WorldCon, while located in a convenient and affordable setting.

Convenient, affordable, good for fans and professionals alike? Yes, yes, and yes!

ConFusion is happening from January 21-24 at the Novi Sheraton in MI. I am very excited to be a panelist on the following panels:

  • Saturday at 10:00am – Science Fiction vs. Fantasy: Who Prospers?
    • Ted Chiang once postulated that the difference between science fiction and fantasy is who has access to the impossibility. Does a knowable universe whose laws anyone can learn, and everyone has to work within, offer a more egalitarian vision than a world of destiny and fate? Or is it difficult to imagine even a science fictional world in which the future is evenly distributed?
  • Sunday at 10:00 am – Never Forget: Characters Who Live Forever
    • Raistlin Majere. Katniss Everdeen. Hermione Granger. Tywin Lannister. Boba Fett. Memorable characters run the gamut, from protagonist to insignificant. The panel will offer up some of their own personal favorite characters from fiction and discuss what makes them unforgettable.

If you are headed to the convention let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below! I’d love to meet up with readers!

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