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ApollyCon 2022 Pre-Orders

Preorders are now closed for 2022. You can bring your books to Apollycon or try to buy from me at the table. Thanks so much for your interest and I can’t wait to see you at the convention!

Thank you for your interest in getting signed books from me at ApollyCon 2022!

Please read the following for more information about how my pre-order process works…

I will have limited stock available at the event.

For this reason, I encourage readers to pre-order their book(s) from me OR purchase through online or in person retailers in advance to ensure you get the exact book(s) you want.

While I appreciate that many readers want to support an author directly, I have no issues with readers going through their retailer of choice if that’s easier. It still supports me either way!

This is also a good idea if you miss the pre-order window.

You can see all the retailers a book is available on the individual book pages of my site by clicking the covers here: https://elisekova.com/books/

Preorders will close June 15th.

This is so that I have time to order the books, get them printed, and shipped to the event on time.

I will not be able to accommodate any additional orders after this date.

Books WILL NOT be shipped.

Refunds will not be given after June 15th.

Since the books will already be printing, I cannot issue any refunds after June 15th. This includes if you are unable to attend the event and pick up your book.

If you’re unsure about your attendance, this is another reason to purchase through a different online retailer as they might have more flexible return policies. Or, you might be able to order last-minute.

If the event is unexpectedly cancelled or I cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances, refunds will be assessed at that time.

I currently have no planned sales or discounts.

For pre-orders or at the event or at the event itself.

However, it is possible you might find some copies discounted on other retailers. It is up to the discretion of retailers when and how they want to discount books.

Personalization can be requested at the event.

In order to give readers more time to decide what they want for personalization, it is not required for checkout.

Other questions?

Please feel free to contact me through the contact form of my website: https://elisekova.com/contact/

Or via messages on my Etsy.

Thank you!

So much for taking the time to read this page. For your interest in my work. And for coming out to see me at Apollycon 2022! I’m able to do what I do because of readers like you <3

Ready to order?

If you’re all set, head over to my Etsy to complete your preorder: Closed for 2022