Announcing the GOLDEN GUARD TRILOGY: Air Awakens Prequels!

crowns-dog-cover-reveal-coverI’ve been talking about this here and there for a while because it’s been happening. But everything is finally in the place where I can let you all know about it! So, let’s dive right in.

What’s the Golden Guard Trilogy?
Prequel novels – they are not novellas, however they are shorter than any of the Air Awakens books – surrounding the founding of the Golden Guard.

Every book will focus on a different point in time during the founding and acquisition of the different members of the guard. In this way, each book is almost like a stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Do I need to read Air Awakens to “get it”?
No. They are written in such a way that someone who is unfamiliar with Air Awakens and Vhalla’s story can still enjoy them. Of course, if you have read Air Awakens you will get a lot more out of the books!

Will Baldair be there?
BALDAIR WILL BE THERE 😀 <- Just wanted an excuse to type this.

When will they be released?
You know how I love releasing books every three months once I start…. Well, I’m doing it again! The first book will be out late November and every subsequent book will be about three months after.

Can I get an ARC?
The first book in the trilogy – The Crown’s Dog – will be available as an ARC only to my Street Team members. Check back for information on future books in the series.

Will it be up for preorder?
Yes, around the time of the cover reveal of The Crown’s Dog.

Will it be available in physical copies?
Yes, every book will be sold as individual physical copies.

Can I help for the cover & synopsis reveal?
I thought you’d never ask! If you want to be involved with the cover & synopsis reveal of The Crown’s Dog, currently scheduled for November 4th, please fill out the form below! I’d love to have you! Spoiler alert, the cover is done by none other than the amazing Merilliza Chan, the same artist who worked on the Air Awakens series!



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