#AirAwakensApril Recap!

As most of you know, #AirAwakensApril was an Instagram challenge held throughout April to celebrate the release of Water’s Wrath and the Air Awakens series in general. I was so honored, because it was put together by some amazing readers: @Library_Luv came to me with the idea, and @BooksandLadders had a huge hand in making it all happen with organization and prompt creation. I can’t thank them enough, and have already sung their (well deserving) praises multiple times so just be sure to give them some thanks to quiet me about it 😉

As the instagram challenge has officially ended I’m going to highlight some of my favorite pictures from Air Awakens April!

I had some giveaways throughout the month to my favorite pictures. So, firstly, shoutout to the winning images that caught my eye for the giveaways!

I’m a few days late on this! I was traveling – sorry all! Since I was late I thought I’d have TWO giveaways to make up for it. • On days throughout #AirAwakensApril I’m giving away swag to my favorite photos in the hashtag. I love the fact that @mugglemythology made her own swag, I love crafts and that’s so cool! • @mugglemythology will get an Air Awakens swag pack, a signed paperback of her choosing, and a pair of silver wing earrings. • @mugglemythology – send me a message with your address and what paperback you’d like to get your prize! ✨📚✨ #instagramchallenge #photochallenge #aprilphotochallenge #aprilinstagramchallenge #photocontest #photoaday #giveaway #book #books #bookish #booklife #booklove #booklover #booklovers #bibilophile #amreading #fantasybook #bookstagram

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Then there were just some other amazing photos that I must highlight!

Day 17 of #airawakensapril. The theme today is “worst cliffhanger” and as Elise seems to be the queen of cliffhangers, I naturally had to include the two books that tormented me with the way it ended- #firefalling and #earthsend of the #airawakens series seriously gave me so much grief. But at least #elisekova publishes her books with less time in between than is typical. 😰 Another book with a cliffhanger that had me going SERIOUSLY?? #glasssword by #victoriaaveyard -that ending… And we have to wait until next year? Cliffhangers will be the death of me (at least they feel like they are). There should be warning signs included. #reading #book #books #bookish #bookcover #bookstagram #handlettered #handlettering #typography

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Day 8 of #AirAwakensApril is #FaveFriday #AirAwakens Cover. My favorite cover is Water’s Wrath

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Be sure to check out all of these Instagram accounts and follow for bookish action! Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope we can do it again in the future!


What’s your favorite #AirAwakensApril photo?

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