Air Awakens Twitter Chat: 11:30pm EST on 7/22 – #QWK


It’s been a while since I last hosted a Twitter chat… I assure you, it’s not because of lack of want. I absolutely adore Twitter chats! They’re a great way to meet people with similar interests and discuss things that make you happy – and that’s just what I hope this #QWK is!

Quick Summary:

Date – Friday, July 22nd

Time – 11:30pm EST until approximately 12:30am EST

During the chat, be sure to ALWAYS Tweet using this hashtag.

Chat Leader@EliseKova

Twitter Chat FAQ:

Do you need to have read Air Awakens to participate in the chat?
Nope! I hope it’ll be a fun chat for anyone who enjoys reading, writing, or is interested in being an author. That being said, if you have at least read the first book it’ll help with some of the questions!

Can we ask questions?
Yes! The chat will also function as a bit of an AMA (Ask Me Anything). So I’ll be asking questions and answering any people have for me. There is no limit to how many questions one person can ask.

What about spoilers?
Because people will be watching live feeds, please keep spoilers to a minimum. If you want to really talk in-depth about the Air Awakens story I recommend planning on attending the post Crystal Crowned discussions happening at the end of this month on Goodreads.

What does #QWK stand for?
Questions With Kova. (Yes, it was inspired by #RQWN and the fabulous @ReadWriteLove28 – give her some follow love on Twitter! But the questions during #QWK focus entirely on publishing/my books)

Do you have another question about #QWK? Ask below!

I hope to see you there!


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