Air Awakens Review Copies Available!

I had some reviewers contact me over the last month regarding review copies for Air Awakens. Unfortunately, I’d already sent out the Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and had no plans to send out any additional copies. With the release close and my expenses exhausted it simply wasn’t something I could afford.

However, I had an interesting call from my distributor. There was a misprint sent to Amazon. The correct and final interiors were bound with ARC covers. Amazon was going to destroy them but I said, “No! Someone will want these!”

Now… It’s up to you to tell me if I was right or not.

I have 16 copies that were the “misprints.” Again, completely correct interior, ARC cover. If you would like one in exchange for an honest review, fill out the form below.

I will only be shipping to the U.S. – I’m SO sorry! I hate excluding international reviewers, but it’s just not cost effective and I plan on sending international ARCs of Fire Falling soon. Media mail in the U.S. costs me $3.22 for a book. To send ONE BOOK abroad it costs $18.00 and up (depending on the country). It’s a price I simply can’t afford right now (I’m already going over budget!).

If you ARE International, Air Awakens is listed on Book Depository. The hardcover is 11% off right now and the paperback is on there as well. Plus, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! So you can get a book for basically cheaper than it’d cost me to send you one.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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