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Air Awakens Read Along Sign Up & FAQ

What is the Air Awakens read along?
Over 14 emails delivered right to your inbox that will enhance your experience reading Air Awakens for a month after you sign up. I’ll give you everything from deleted scenes, to playlists, inspiration, terminology breakdown, and more. We’ll start from chapter 1 and work our way through the book together.

How long is the read along?
The emails are spread out over 30 days. But, because they’re just emails, you can go at your own pace! Read ahead and enjoy the insights after. Or save them in your inbox to read whenever you’re ready.

If I’m already subscribed to your newsletter can I sign up?
Yes! Please do! But you will only get the read along emails one time per email. So make sure you don’t delete them in case you want to read them later. If you have previously unsubscribed from my newsletter this will sign you up again.

If I’m already subscribed to your newsletter will I get it automatically?
No, you have to sign up if you want to get the read-along emails.

Do I get a free copy of Air Awakens by signing up?
No, sorry. But you can find out where to get a copy of Air Awakens here.

Anything else I should know?
Be sure to add elise@elisekova.com to your contact list to help prevent emails from being filtered into spam. Remember to check your promotions folder as well! You can ask any other questions here.

Filling out the form below will subscribe you to my regular newsletters as well. But, don’t worry, you can always update your subscription preferences or unsubscribe whenever you want.

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