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Air Awakens Release Media Kit

Thank you for being a part of the Air Awakens release Book Blitz! I know this page seems really long, but I really did try to condense it to all the information that I thought would be useful for you to have at your fingertips for promoting Air Awakens to your loyal readers and friends. So, please take a minute or two to read through this, bookmark the page if that helps you, and email me if you have any questions!


Your Review:

Please post your review on the specified date via the calendar below. That way I, and everyone else knows, who to direct traffic to on any given date. If you need to move the date I completely understand, just email me as a heads up. I’ve read also it’s a must to mention that you got a free ARC sent to you. I’m all about transparency so I’d like to encourage that in your reviews, unless you have something against it for some other reason.

Don’t forget to also post/update your review on Goodreads.

Unfortunately Amazon won’t let reviews be posted until the book is out. So I will be sending one more email reminder on the 27th. First-day reviews have such an impact on getting the book rolling and I would be so appreciative if you all would do that as well.

I plan on posting parts of your reviews or posts on my Blog/Tumblr. I will always link and cite back to you if I do this. I will never just copy/paste your whole review or blog. My goal is to post it on my account to help drive traffic to your site. However, if you don’t want me to do this please let me know.


Shortened URLs:

For social media and tracking I wanted to provide a few shortened links for you all to use, if you remember:

Don’t forget to mention/tag me on your social posts so I can reshare them:


Promotion Ideas:

Here are some ideas of little promos or teasers you could do on social if you wanted. Consider this brainstorming to be used if it’s helpful and by no means mandatory:

  • Your favorite scene and why (Iris did a great one)
  • #TeaserTuesday on social with your favorite quote or a picture of a page you like
  • #MusicMonday on social with a song that makes you think of Air Awakens/one of the characters (okay this is a bit selfish, because I’m always looking for new music to write to!)
  • Your “Dream Cast” of Air Awakens – who do you think the characters look like from Hollywood/popular culture?
  • What other book(s) is Air Awakens most like? (People love recommendations in this format)
  • Your favorite character from Air Awakens and why, or, what other characters they’re like (Books and Ladders did a great one)



You are by no means required to promote other bloggers. However, I always think a share and share-alike culture is a great idea for social media! Or, maybe you could see if some other blogger wants to work with you on something. All just ideas.

If you do not see your blog on this list, or if you see it under a date different from what I told you please email me ASAP.

 August  Website
7  http://inkandboundpages.tumblr.com
9  https://danireviewsthings.wordpress.com/
11  http://booksandladders.blogspot.ca/
13  https://rainbowpingpong.wordpress.com/
15  http://sassyanddangerous.blogspot.mx/
16  http://letmebefictional.blogspot.com/
17  http://witchsnitch.blogspot.com/
18  https://jasminepearlreads.wordpress.com/
19  http://wonderlandnovels.blogspot.com/ (Alice Z)
20  http://wonderlandnovels.blogspot.com/ (Raisa S)
21  http://irisjexx.com/
22  http://cheskatorresibasan.weebly.com
23  Cassandrareadsalot.wordpress.com
[Click Here to Sign Up]
25  http://www.novelstosong.com/
26  http://www.thefandom.net



I’ve made a raffle that you can embed into your posts. I made it so that raffle entrants can get multiple entries for following everyone’s social accounts. However, I could only include Twitter or Facebook accounts. If I missed someone’s Twitter or Facebook please let me know.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you have issues using this embed code you can also link to the raffle’s tab on my Facebook page with the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorEliseKova?sk=app_228910107186452

Promotional Images:

Please feel free to use these in your blogs and on whatever social channels you choose. If you have a favorite quote you’d like me to turn into an image with the cover artwork behind it let me know!


Thank you again for all your help and hard work! I’m open to any ideas or suggestions. You know how to reach me!


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