Air Awakens Goes International With Yabancı Publishing in Turkey

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There are some announcements I never expected to have the chance to make. Really, for a time, I never expected to announce that I was published at all. But then, on August 27th 2015, Air Awakens was released. On November 19th 2015, Fire Falling, Book Two of Air Awakens, came out. Earth’s End will be out on February 11th, 2016. But today, today I am able to say something that I’ve been wanting and hoping to say for a while…

I am very, very excited to announce that I have recently signed with Yabancı Publishing (Yabancı Yayınları), an imprint of Penguen Kitabevi, in Turkey for the publication of Air Awakens, Book One, in Turkish.

This will be the first time Air Awakens is available internationally in a language other than English. It will also be the first time Air Awakens will be published by an in-country international publisher. In fact, it’s the first time Air Awakens is published by a traditional publishing house at all.

Before you ask, I have no further details at this time regarding the Turkish translation and sales of Air Awakens. As I know, I will be sure to let you all know. I hope that this is the first step of Air Awakens moving into global markets, making it easier for readers to get and consume my work. I hope to someday be able to tell every reader that Air Awakens is in their language of choice (an author can dream, right?).

I say this a lot, but I mean it every time: Thank you to each and every one of my readers, no matter where you live. It’s your enthusiasm that’s helping get the word about Air Awakens out there and, to no one’s greater surprise than my own, word is getting out. Having you all with me on my journey is the best part of it all and I hope to have more exciting announcements for you in the future.


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