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Waterrunner (October 18-19)
Firebearer (October 20-21)
Groundbreaker (October 22-23)

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Air Awakens Waterrunner(s): Fritznangle Chareem, Victor Anzbel, Grahm Hopst


Waterrunners most commonly come from Lyndum, the “South”.

As a result of their powers, early Waterrunners were either seafaring folk, living in coastal villages and towns, or residing high in the ice and snow-capped mountaintops of the Lyndum mountains. Initially, Waterrunners and Commons lived and worked side-by-side. However, due to the presence of the Crystal Caverns in the south of the Main Continent, tensions arose.

Individual parties and organized groups began to seek out the mysterious power residing in crystals, causing many raids and conflicts to arise across Lyndum. The crystals’ power was quickly shown to be beyond control, tainting and corrupting both sorcerers and Commons, turning them into deformed monsters. The people of Lyndum began to fear all sorcerers as a result, blaming them for a majority of the nation’s problems.

Many Waterrunners ended up migrating to Mhashan, the “West”, where magic is more favored and they can find welcome work in raising fresh drinking water from the depths of the dry and dusty Waste. Some persevered and remained in the South despite tensions.


The magic of the Waterrunner is control over water in all its forms.

The ability to command the smallest amount of moisture makes Waterrunners practical sorcerers with a variety of applications. They can manipulate droplets of water in the air to make illusions. Waterrunners also have the ability to form ice weaponry by conjuring the element, should they be forced to fight.

Because of the fluid nature of their element they are able to feel and observe magical channels in other sorcerers.

Waterrunners Affinity of the Self is the ability to hear the past recorded in items, brought out from the ripples of water.


Home of the Waterrunner:

Most Waterrunners come from Lyndum, currently known as “the South.”

The two major features of Lyndum are the Great Southern Forest, which stretches through the center of the nation, and the towering mountains that dominate the rest of the land. The first Kings of Lyndum carved out their castle at the top of the greatest peak. As this grew throughout the years it became Solarin, named after the long-time ruling family Solaris.

In the year 308, Tiberus Solaris ascended the throne following an assassination of his father. Determined to be a strong ruler, Tiberus decided to expand Lyndum’s reach under the Solaris empire. Claiming that the Solaris family was the “chosen of the sun” he moved first to conquer Cyven, to the east. Cyven fell in a short year and after securing the citizens as part of his new Empire Solaris turned west.

The ruling family of Mhashan rivaled the Solaris family in age, prestige, and a deep loyalty from their people. Mhashan put up a twenty year struggle from the first attack. But, eventually, the now seasoned Emperor out-maneuvered the western capital of Norin and claimed the castle and a bride from the youngest of the royal family.

Lyndum has experienced great prosperity in the wake of the Solaris Empire’s expansion. Being far removed from the majority of the world, most of those in the capital live with relative peace within their own world.



A Notable Waterrunner: Adela Lagmir

There was never a woman more feared than Adela Lagmir. A rogue and a renegade, she fled capture in Solarin in 308 for crimes including whoring, gambling, treason, brawling, and murder. Adela fled to the one place she knew no one would ever be able to catch her — the coast — establishing a network of outposts and secret dens in the cliffs and seaside mountains along the southern edge of the main continent.

By the time Adela was twenty, she had found the true calling of her magic and skills: piracy. Adela assembled one of the fiercest pirate bands the world has ever known. Cut-throat, she owned the seas from the great port of Norin, across the barrier islands, and beyond. For ten years, Adela was called the Queen of the Tides.

No one truly knows what happened to Adela. The captains of Norin claimed to be the ones to finally sink her vessel. Some theorize that the Emperor Solaris finally put an end to the aquatic terror. But, among the docks of Norin the sailors whispered something different. After all, as a Waterrunner Adela could not drown. They say that she washed upon the shores of the barrier islands before moving onward to the Crescent Continent, leaving  the deadly waves and whirlpools across the barrier islands in her wake.

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