5 Tips for Aspiring Authors

1. Read

If you’re writing with the goal of someday becoming an author and selling your work you’ll first need to do a LOT of reading. This is as important for inspiration as it is for knowing your market. What are people buying? What’s out there already? The only way you’ll answer these questions is if you get to reading.

2. Make Time for Writing

Being an author is a job. JOB. As in the thing that you do from 9-5. Except for, with authors, it’ll more look like 9-9 most days. If you’re at work (or school) you don’t take phone calls, hang out on Facebook, or get lost on Buzzfeed for 30 minutes, you stay focused. Carve out time in your day and your word count will reward you for it.

3. Show Don’t Tell

No Loki… You’ve got it wrong…

You’ve heard this one before, eh? Good. Let me say it again: SHOW DON’T TELL. All caps was necessary because I even struggle with this one. Don’t tell me it was hot, show me the beads of sweat on the workers’ foreheads.

4. Readers are Everything

I don’t just mean the people who you hope will someday buy your books (but they’re important too). I mean ALL readers. The people who beta for you, the editors, your mom. Whoever reads your book is important because they’ll give you an opinion that you can’t get from anywhere else. LISTEN and grow as an author.

5. Write for “That Scene”

This is a piece of personal advice… Plan scenes that you can’t wait to share with your readers. Big moments in the books that you are itching to write. Don’t let yourself write them until you get your characters there. It’ll help keep the pacing up and make it so much sweeter when you finally get there.


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