5 Things People Don’t “Get” About Authors

1) We write, but that doesn’t mean we’re grammar Nazis

Some of us are, totally, but there seems to be an assumption that authors all have impeccable grammar and spelling. That’s what editors are for.


2) We feel everything 10x what a normal person would

We have to laugh, cry, love, and be angry for all the voices in our heads. We see the world in a beautiful and sometimes painful way because we notice things others may not.


3) We have conversations with ourselves

From testing out dialogue to talking out plot, a lot of us can maintain entire conversations solo.


4) Writing is easy for us

Do you know how many times we scrap thousands of words and weeks of work because it’s just not right?


5) Writing isn’t a “real job”

Really? It isn’t? Phew! Good thing we can tell all those authors out there who haven’t had a weekend in a year because every moment of their spare time is dedicated to writing, editing, publishing, and promoting their books that they’re not “really working”



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