15 Steps to Being an Aspiring Author: A Gif Tale

I try not to call myself an author since all of my manuscripts are still just sitting nicely on my hard drive collecting digital dust. I hope someday to join the illustrious rank and have my stories in the hands of readers. To reach this goal I am elbow deep in the long process of publication. While I don’t know what ‘publication’ will ultimately be or look like for me I am trying to enjoy the ride, and have a good sense of humor about it all.

For those just starting out. Or, for those wondering what it’s like…For me, it’s gone a little something like this:

Step 1) Decide you are going to write a book!

(You’re already awesome)

Step 2) Let your plot progression and twists surprise you because you’ll realize that it all came from your brain.

Step 3) Fall in LOVE with your characters.

(You will forget the advice in the above gif. Embrace it. Cry with them, laugh with them, and love them as your own)

Step 4) Work through any and all writer’s block and KEEP WRITING… Did I mention, keep writing?

Step 5) Actually finish the manuscript!

(I continue to overlook at how impressive just making it to this point actually is. Take pride in it.)

Step 6) Only to find out that you really need to change most of it in editing.

Step 7) But, you persevere and go through all the editing anyways. You’ll realize that it actually is much better this way.

Step 8) Now you have to take those shiny, edited, 250+ pages and turn them into one page called a query that is going to make an agent or editor pick up your book.

Step 9) Discover that it’s really, really, hard.

Step 10) Take your perfect query and then find your perfect agent.

Step 11) Then, be rejected by your perfect agent.

Step 12) Repeat steps 10 and 11 until 11 doesn’t hurt anymore and your perfect query has gone through several other “perfect” incarnations.

Step 13) Begin finding a lot of amazing friends along the way through all your research, because you’re not the first person who’s been there and you can’t do it alone. (I’m looking at you #PitchWars people :D)

Step 14) Re-read your book, realize it’s not so bad. Have a friend read it and tell you what they really think. Don’t be too surprised when they tell you much nicer words than you’ve been telling yourself.

Step 15) And, no matter how hard it gets, above all…

And remember:


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