The World of Air Awakens

Explore the in-depth world of Air Awakens, created by USA Today Bestselling author Elise Kova

Books in this World

The books below all take place in the Air Awakens world. They are displayed in order of release. Chronological order would be the Golden Guard Trilogy, the Air Awakens series, and then Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles.

While readers can begin with any book one in the series (AIR AWAKENS, THE CROWN’S DOG, or VORTEX VISIONS) many readers recommend beginning with the first book published, AIR AWAKENS.

Air Awakens Series

Golden Guard Trilogy

Air Awakens Series

Book Four

October 2019

An Air Awakens Bonus

The Air Awakens series is told from a single point of view – Vhalla’s. But the other characters have their own thoughts, and actions, “off screen” that the reader never gets to see due to the limitations of a very close third person narrative.

TALES FROM THE FRONT is a bonus for email subscribers of my mailing list and it offers alternate points of view between books two and three from characters like: Fritz, Aldrik, Elecia, Baldair, Emperor Solaris, and more. 

Tales from the Front Cover 2019 sm



broken moon black

The Broken Moon

symbol of the Tower of Sorcerers

the standard of the

Sun & Wing

symbol on the locket

the new standard of the Windwalker

Complete Sun & Wing

symbol on the armor in book 5