The Guild Games

1. Choose and join your guild

2.Help your guild collect resources

3. Unlock giveaways, swag, and other exclusives

The Five Guilds

Ravens Black


Spread Our Wings.

If life isn’t moving full-throttle then it’s not for you. You move at nearly suicidal speed in all your decisions, but you’re utterly confident while doing it. Just as you’re never lost geographically, you’re also never lost in your purpose in life. It’s the journey, not the destination, and you’re determined to have a good ride along the way.

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Alchemists Black


Be the Crucible.

The world is one great experiment, and you’re merely the observer. As an Alchemist, you study the natural order of things, but you do not embrace it, you challenge it. You know the delicacy of life better than most and yet you’re still willing to take chances with it. You have iron-clad nerves and are an expert at detaching yourself from emotions as needed for your many questionable experiments.

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Rivets Black


Tooled for Tomorrow.

You are the engineer of dreams, the craftsman of large buildings and tiny clockwork alike. No one sees the world like you do, for you look between what is there to find what is possible. However, that doesn’t mean you give into lofty fantasy. You are firmly rooted in reality and work with what you are given without complaint. You build the foundations upon which great ideas are erected, as you see more value in being the hard-working cornerstone than the elegant facade.

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Harvesters Black


Sow and Reap.

You are the great collector. There is no stone un-turned and no stretch of land that isn’t yours to lay claim. You take and take, not always because you should, but always because you can. “Too much” isn’t in your vocabulary and it doesn’t matter how you get what you want, as long as it’s yours when the day is done.

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Revolvers Black


Be the Spark.

There are two types of people in the world: those with the courage to pull the trigger, and those who are too afraid to pick up the gun. You are unequivocally the former. Great minerals are found by blasting through the dirt. Darkness can be kept at bay with a single spark. While your head is filled with explosions, your feet are firmly on the ground as you understand that someone else may have to pay for every decision you make.

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Still can’t decide?

Your guild should be a choice of passion, a path that you feel belongs to you above all others. But, if you’re still struggling to choose, take the Buzzfeed quiz to determine what guild you belong to. 

Game Guides

click on the images below to see the resource gathering task sheet, or the resource exchange sheet

Resource Gathering

By performing various tasks on behalf of your guild you can help gather resources that can be exchanged to unlock swag, raffles, and other exclusives. Be sure to let your guild Vicar know you are performing these tasks to have them count.

Resource Exchanging

At any time, the Vicars of the guilds can exchange resources to unlock swag, giveaways, and other exclusives. The guilds must work together and support each other to help unlock everything.

Visit The world of loom

to see what has been unlocked so far

Rules & Eligibility 

1. Elise Kova maintains full digression at all times regarding the running of, and participation in, the Guild Games. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to revoke players’ memberships, change giveaways, adjust resources, and so on.

2. “Golden Rule” – treat other players as you would want to be treated. Foul play will not be tolerated.

3. Must be 18 years or older to play, or with parent or guardian permission.

4. Have fun!


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